Are you looking for a church committed to these fundamentals?


Biblical worship is our highest pursuit. God is worthy of our most grand celebration and full enjoyment.  God expects for His people to worship Him in spirit and truth.


Biblical discipleship clarifies our role in the mission Jesus gave the church.  We are commanded by Jesus to proclaim the good news of what God did through Jesus to reconcile people to God.  We are commissioned by Jesus to teach people to obey all that Jesus commanded. 


Biblical conversion recognizes that only God saves people from eternal damnation.  God saves individuals by enabling them to respond to the gospel message by repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus alone.


Biblical sanctification is necessary because no one is entirely mature in Christ.  We need the Holy Spirit to grow us into the likeness of Jesus.  Until we die; all Christians struggle with sin.  We need God to empower us to fight the good fight against sin.


Expositional preaching is necessary because God’s Word convicts, converts and sanctifies God’s people.


Sound doctrine is necessary for godly living.  Sound doctrine guides you in right thoughts about God and supports beliefs that accord with Scripture.









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