Devotionals and Articles

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

Devotionals courtesy of Ligionier Ministries (SURV Church does not endorse some teachings of Ligonier Ministries such as infant baptism)  

Defining Descernment from Grace To You

Exploring the Boundaries of God's Law from Ligonier Ministries

Sola Scriptura and Unbelief are Mutually Exclusive by Mike Ratliff

Are You Guilty of Idolatry by Mike Ratliff

Is It God’s Will For Christians To Have Constant Comfort and Worldly Success? by Mike Ratliff

Above Reproach by John MacArthur from Ligonier Ministires

A Christian’s Election Is Confirmed by Spiritual Growth by Mike Ratliff

And Do Not Be Conformed to this Age, but Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind by Mike Ratliff

How Vital Is It that We Have Full, Precise, Thorough, and Correct Knowledge of God? by Mike Ratliff

The Will Of God by R.C. Sproul

Are There Two Wills in God?  by John Piper

Is God sovereign or do we have a free will? by Got